Energy – Part 1: An Introduction

“And God said, ‘Let there be light,’ and there was light.”

Genesis 1:3 ESV


The bible says that light, vegetation, and life on earth was called into existence by the sound of God’s voice.

From a scientific perspective, we now understand that the material world is fundamentally comprised of energy vibrating at different frequencies—like sound.  Our organs, the trees, the ground that we stand on—everything that we see is made of something that we cannot see and yet is the fiber from which visible creation is woven.  In fact, if you were to look more and more closely at an atom under a microscope, at a given point it would seem to disappear because that atom is essentially composed of invisible energy and not of tangible matter. 

This is not a “New Age,” anti-christian, or pseudo-scientific concept.  It is the reality of our world.  It’s the way everything was made and the manner in which life and matter is sustained.  Again, a biblical perspective—In Acts 17, Paul explained to the Athenians that God does not reside in temples made by men and is not otherwise limited to the physical parameters that are so familiar to us.  He goes on in verse 28 to say that, “In him we live and move and have our being,” that God is himself the unseen fabric that holds creation together.  Whether you are inclined toward the biblical perspectives, the scientific, or both, these truths existed long before modern man recognized them.  They prevail in spite of those who are not aware of or who refuse to acknowledge them.  And as we are tempted to congratulate ourselves on what we do understand, we are (hopefully) continually humbled by the vastness of what we do not. 

What does all this mean to us in terms of holistic wellness?  It means a lot of things, many that we have only begun to fathom, some that have been embraced by holistic healers for millennia; and doubtlessly it means a great deal that we know virtually nothing about.  For now I will say that both naturally occurring energies such as emotions, and man-manipulated energies, such as those used in wireless technologies, profoundly effect us everyday. 

All scriptures are quoted from the English Standard Version of the bible

*Photograph by Jocelynn Howell