Caprese Sticks


While it’s still summer I want to post one of my favorite easy appetizers.  I call them Caprese Sticks and they are just a portable twist on Caprese salad.  They make great snacks too!


  1.   Grape or cherry tomatoes

2.  Fresh basil

3.  Fresh or smoked mozzarella cheese, cubed (smoked mozzarella is what’s pictured here but you can also get fresh, convenient marble-sized balls)

4.  Extra virgin olive oil

5.  Sea salt (Himalayan is my favorite but smoked sea salt is also a nice option)

6.  Freshly cracked black pepper

7.  Red pepper flakes and/or Bird’s Eye Chili powder (optional)

8.  Toothpicks


  1.  On each toothpick alternate skewering a cube or ball of mozzarella, a whole basil leaf and a tomato.

2.  Arrange the Caprese Sticks on a platter.

3.  Drizzle all over with olive oil until each stick is lightly coated.

4.  Sprinkle sea salt to taste.

5.  Add freshly cracked black pepper and red chili, if desired.

*Avocado chunks can be used as a substitution for the cheese as a satisfying, dairy-free option.


*Photographs by Cristina Howell