The Little Things

This is  Wild-Haired Child #3 in our unkempt backyard this past spring.  She loves wildflowers, as many young children do.  They seem to naturally notice, appreciate and even get excited over what most adults consider weeds and a nuisance.

She reminds me to take a break from dirty socks, calendars, and the unrelenting world of social media to quietly marvel at ordinary, everyday miracles that so easily get lost in all the chores.

To observe the fuzz on the white spotted jumping spider and look long and closely enough to catch my reflection in it’s eyes – even if there’s still a little anxiety and disgust mingled in with the wonder.

To rejoice in the first buds of a tomato plant and feel genuine awe and gratitude when a new species of bird alights on our fencepost.

To stroke Child #3’s matted curls that she refuses to let me brush, tendrils that envelope her brilliant, inquisitive green eyes as she delights in the wildflowers we failed to mow in a neighborly manner.

There’s so much to be afraid of, angry and disappointed over in this world.   But if we can find true thankfulness we can know hope, peace, and joy in the midst of all that hurts, like wildflowers sprinkling a neglected lawn.  And if we learn to see the little things there is no shortage.  EVER.   Of blessings to be thankful for.


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