“History Repeats Itself”

Originally posted on April 5, 2020 on Facebook

I made good grades in school. History class was boring to me and consisted mainly of memorizing reportedly important names, dates, and events. But I was adept at consuming and regurgitating this meaningless information until the test was over. I understood little and I cared even less.

When we started homeschooling our children according to the Charlotte Mason Method, history came alive in books, new and old, that revealed the true plights and passions of people across times and cultures, people who were not so different from me after all.

A theme emerged over the years, and it was relevant in some way to every nation and time period. It’s a cycle in which corrupted leadership slowly wears away at the liberty of it’s people with things like deception, manipulation, and fear. Then, a few enlightened people start to recognize and speak up about this abuse of power and are met with criticism by the masses who feel more comfortable believing what they are told by those in power and “following the herd,” if you will. Slowly, increasing numbers of ordinary people begin to think for themselves and eventually create a resistance that dethrones the tyrannical government. Some measure of liberty and prosperity is established/restored until gradually, increasingly apathetic people forget the past and history repeats itself.

Over and over this plays out. Technology changes, knowledge accumulates and is lost, clothing styles evolve, but the soul of humanity remains the same. We all love, fear, desire safety, and are prone to weakness, apathy, self preservation and cowardice. Increasing power corrupts the hearts of the most noble authorities and the average person is easily lulled into trances by the reassuring words of a government that violates fundamental human liberty, “for the greater good”. Our Founders knew this and that’s why our Constitution so carefully limits government, both acknowledging and protecting fundamental human rights endowed by our Creator, not simply permitted by governments comprised of men and women shod in the same frail, corruptible skin as the “common” person.

Think. If you, like me, were simply force-fed bland, impotent renditions of history, watered down to colorless dates and names, take the time to understand the deep things that underlie various figures, movements and events of the past, especially those that pertain to the American Revolution. Look around you. Don’t allow yourself to be swept away by sensational headlines. Don’t let someone else digest a study or an article for you or tell you what to believe. Be brave. Read critically from different sources and wrestle with the parts that make you uncomfortable, afraid, or that don’t “add up”. Allow this to be a process of developing rational and educated opinions. This takes time and you will experience moments or seasons of cognitive dissonance. Acknowledge your emotions but don’t be driven by them. Stop and quiet your heart and mind instead. Then keep thinking.

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