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Originally posted on May 30, 2020 on Facebook

In a hundred years they’ll see,

when there’s nothing left of you or me,

but eternal souls

loosed from the control

of those who tell us what to see,

who to be,

what to lament and what to sing.

They’ll understand what we couldn’t today

and be blind in a thousand other ways.

They’ll persecute their brothers

for rejecting their tales

and those who are slandered today will be hailed

for the truths they conveyed

though dismissed and dismayed

by those who shared their fragile days.

The human heart is frail and dim,

stubborn yet scattered in fickle whim.

Yet we are His,

the One who IS.

And neither truth nor life

is apart from Him.


But your illusions of intellectual supremacy fade as the truth rouses open our eyes. And finite and futile are your imminent days as the awakened rise up and dismantle your lies.

I’m not one to tell others what they should think or do.  I am a relentless advocate of personal rights and responsibility.  I make a point of encouraging people to critically evaluate information from different perspectives, form their own educated opinions and to make and own their decisions.  It is doubtful that I will ever cease in that conviction and mission.   

As an extension of what I just mentioned, when it comes to certain specific topics like childbirth and vaccination, I don’t often publicly share the full extent of my own well-developed views so as not to overly influence that important opinion-forming process in others.  But I have written poetry most of my life and I have decided to share some of it at the risk of repelling those who disagree or don’t understand.  These blog posts will be less doula-esque in that I will not attempt to simply share resources while projecting neutrality.  I’ve seen too much now – too much medical bullying, suppression of safe and effective natural options, manipulated “science”, mangled flesh and tears.  So at this point,  through this particular outlet, I will share some controversial personal sentiments openly and unapologetically.  It is still my penetrating belief that others have the right and responsibility to develop their own thoughts and beliefs for themselves.  

I am convinced that many aspects of Western medicine have an important place in our world and that there are some outstanding doctors, nurses and other professionals out there.  However, there is also a great deal of corruption and deception in this so-called “conventional” medical system that renders too many well-intended healthcare practitioners the unwitting accomplices of it’s crimes, and results in the needless harm and death of innumerable people.  I see it regularly in many areas of medicine, perhaps most notably those related to vaccination and cancer treatment.  The following words are born of righteous anger, passion and years of research and experiences.  They are directed toward the nefarious individuals and systems that knowingly and repeatedly place profits ahead of people.  Your reign of greed and ego-fueled carnage is unravelling.


 by Cristina Howell


You monopolize wisdom,                                                                                             

wielding scepter and crown,                                                                                       

while your science is weak                                                                                         

and your logic’s unsound.

You brandish credentials                                                                                             

as the curtain frays thin,                                                                                             

and your impotent dogma’s                                                                               

found lacking again.

Those who need to partake                                                                                         

in your masquerade will.                                                                                         

They’ll assault and defend                                                                                           

or close their eyes and lie still.

But your illusions of intellectual supremacy fade                                               

as the truth rouses open our eyes.                                                                     

And finite and futile are your imminent days                                                       

as the awakened rise up and dismantle your lies.



Don’t know what on earth I’m talking about?  Maybe it’s time to do some digging of your own.