Energy – Part 2: Is Natural Medicine “New Age”?

These are some thoughts I have in response to the idea that the energetic aspects of natural medicines like essential oils are “New Age,” anti-Christian, or even demonic.


I have heard such concerns on and off, particularly from those who are partial to mainstream medicine and also members of the Christian community. I’ve had my own questions and concerns in my journey in natural health. What I often find at the root of these concerns or even accusations though, is not a Christian dilemma, but Americans’ sincere and well intended inabilities to distinguish the difference between what is considered biblical philosophy and language and what is simply Western philosophy and language – particularly such that pertains to Western medicine, which is rooted in the physical and almost exclusively utilizes modalities like drugs and surgery and which generally recognizes and manipulate outward, physical symptoms rather than considering things such as root causes of disease, particularly those causes which stem from emotional or energetic imbalances of various sorts.

There are, however, other philosophies and practices of medicine and life that differ from those which prevail in the West, and to deem all of those automatically as inferior or demonic or anti-biblical is misguided at best and arrogant at worst. Other ways of interpreting life, health, and practicing medicine which recognize the unseen and intangible forces (explained by quantum physical science and which are real and measurable forces and phenomena) are actually older, more effective at addressing many various health issues, still influential in many parts of the world, and are even the sorts of ideas which dominated biblical culture. Jesus himself was, of course, a man of Eastern background and influence.

Western medicine has shown to be extremely helpful in things like acute injuries, but is arguably quite lacking in other areas that involve chronic illness, both emotional and physical. There is also copious evidence of deep corruption in many aspects of the establishment and continued monopoly of this sort of medicine. In other words the “conventional,” mainstream or allopathic way of thinking and practicing medicine is relatively new, is steeped in corruption, and simply is not the only way of accomplishing healing. In fact, it could be well argued that it’s benefits, though significant in the aforementioned sorts of emergency scenarios, are also often exaggerated and it’s risks, minimized.

There are good questions out there which should be wrestled with by those who have concerns. And not everything in natural medicine is consistent with a biblical world view; but that is very much the case for pharmaceutical medicine as well.  I encourage you, Christians, to think and pray for yourselves about all of it.  Each of us is responsible before God for the choices that we make.  In your journey, I urge you to remember that there are many perspectives, and that oftentimes our propensity to equate “Western” or “American” with biblical is, as I mentioned earlier, misguided at best and arrogant at worst.

Here’s an article by Matt Stone that goes into more detail about Christianity and Energy Medicine.

*Photograph by Cristina Howell

Energy – Part 1: An Introduction

“And God said, ‘Let there be light,’ and there was light.”

Genesis 1:3 ESV


The bible says that light, vegetation, and life on earth was called into existence by the sound of God’s voice.

From a scientific perspective, we now understand that the material world is fundamentally comprised of energy vibrating at different frequencies—like sound.  Our organs, the trees, the ground that we stand on—everything that we see is made of something that we cannot see and yet is the fiber from which visible creation is woven.  In fact, if you were to look more and more closely at an atom under a microscope, at a given point it would seem to disappear because that atom is essentially composed of invisible energy and not of tangible matter. 

This is not a “New Age,” anti-christian, or pseudo-scientific concept.  It is the reality of our world.  It’s the way everything was made and the manner in which life and matter is sustained.  Again, a biblical perspective—In Acts 17, Paul explained to the Athenians that God does not reside in temples made by men and is not otherwise limited to the physical parameters that are so familiar to us.  He goes on in verse 28 to say that, “In him we live and move and have our being,” that God is himself the unseen fabric that holds creation together.  Whether you are inclined toward the biblical perspectives, the scientific, or both, these truths existed long before modern man recognized them.  They prevail in spite of those who are not aware of or who refuse to acknowledge them.  And as we are tempted to congratulate ourselves on what we do understand, we are (hopefully) continually humbled by the vastness of what we do not. 

What does all this mean to us in terms of holistic wellness?  It means a lot of things, many that we have only begun to fathom, some that have been embraced by holistic healers for millennia; and doubtlessly it means a great deal that we know virtually nothing about.  For now I will say that both naturally occurring energies such as emotions, and man-manipulated energies, such as those used in wireless technologies, profoundly effect us everyday. 

All scriptures are quoted from the English Standard Version of the bible

*Photograph by Jocelynn Howell

Guest Blog Post for the Tisserand Institute

Promoting kindness and respect in the essential oil community at large has been on my on my heart in a big way for the past several months.As a doula, encouraging people to make their own informed decisions has always been important to me; and that principle is just as relevant in my YL business.

World renown essential oil expert, Robert Tisserand, asked me to write a blog post on these topics for him and it was published recently.

Here it is.